Dr. Walter Scott Curtice was born in Ann Arbor, MI, where his father was a university professor, and went to high school in Princeton Jct, NJ, where he was was high honors in biology and captain of the wrestling team. He followed his sisters to the U of Delaware and, upon graduation, he joined his church on a mission to South Africa where he had a life-changing experience working in a migrant camp clinic as the region was ravaged by HIV and poverty. Dr. Curtice returned to a new mission, researching infant mortality with a study named Quest2000 at the University of Pennsylvania and the Nemours Pediatric Institute for five years. He also conducted research for the Jefferson Headache Center on intractable migraines. In 2000 he decided he could do more in this world as a doctor so he went to AUC medical school in St. Maarten. He did so well on his national exams he was invited by both Yale and Cornell Medical Schools to attend their  third and fourth year programs. He did his residency at St. Joseph's in Yonkers, NY,  where family medicine residents are trained to be the only doctor in 100 miles. Residents ran everything from the ER to the ICU and a large family health clinic. In 2009 Dr. Curtice was recruited by Westerly Hospital to start a new clinic in Charlestown but that story ended with their system's financial collapse in 2012. Dr. Curtice then decided to be an independent practitioner and started Quality Medicine LLC in 2014. Dr. Curtice also joined the Air National Guard in 2008 where he is a Flight Surgeon and was just promoted to Lt. Col. at Quonset AFB.


Dr. Walter S. Curtice MD


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