Office Hours;

Monday & Friday                10 am - 5 pm

Tuesday & Wednesday     9 am - 5 pm

Thursday                                   9 am - 12 pm

Please Call to schedule an appointment

Basic Membership

*Low risk Patients: $100/month or Medicare only.

General medical treatment for adults including Wellness in the modern world, HTN, Diabetes, Bipolar, Depression, Cancers, Resiliency training etc...

Advanced Membership

**High intensity/risk patients: $200/month requiring weekly or monthly visits and house calls as available

**Chronic pain management if appropriate

**Opioid dependence treatment with Suboxone with counseling resources

If you are still on the fence, Dr. Curtice will be glad to meet with you in the office.

  You can learn about the practice, and ask questions you may have.  

Then you can make an informed decision!

We will not charge you a fee until you've decided to join BUT  Dr. Curtice cannot provide any medical care or medication at this initial meet-and-greet unless you have chosen to join the practice.

Quality Medicine LLC

Walter Scott Curtice